Frost & Sullivan


Putting Customers at the Center: A 360 Degree View

Consumers are more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before, and expectations for excellent customer service, sales knowledge, and technical support have soared! Moreover, each and every customer expects companies to respond to them on the channels of their choice, with history and context. Many consumers are insisting that businesses actually anticipate their every need – requiring a 360 degree view of the customer.

This white paper will address three fundamental concerns:

1: While Customer needs change quickly, the quality they expect does not. Learn how to adapt with speed at scale to proactively engage and be there for customers.

2: In a hybrid of WFH and in-office employee model, leaders are looking to up-skill and cross-skill agents. Learn how to use a connected, digital platform and customer data to sustain and grow your business.

3: How can organizations be more agile with a connected, digital platform? Learn how to use customer data to proactively make decisions on how to quickly adapt to change.