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Aircraft Turnaround Management: An Airport View Towards Total Integration

Aircraft Turnaround is a big portion of airport operations and is a primordial piece of the overall airport business. To make the management process more efficient, stakeholders need to see the big picture and be aware of the changes that can disrupt their decision making procedure in the short to medium term.

Surely, adopting new hardware and technology to support processes is always a plus. However, the integrations of information into a single standardized platform in which decisions can be taken with more reliable data, in a shorter time, and with a precise measure of risk and collateral damage across the rest of the airport infrastructure platform is what will really change the game.

Aircraft Operations PDF

In this paper, you’ll learn about

  • The importance of Aircraft Turnaround Management (ATM) system for airline operational structure
  • The major pain points that have arisen from airline and airport operations
  • The biggest obstacles for ATM systems evolution
  • The logical steps to move forward with technological integration