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How Can Airports Manage Uncertainty, Risk and Safety In a Post-COVID World?

The aviation industry has faced significant disruption during the Covid pandemic. The emergence and deployment of several vaccines across the world gives hope that air travel will start the road to recovery.

The industry will have to adapt to new processes and procedures, potential surges in travellers, and periods of uncertainty. New technologies will likely be deployed to assist with passenger throughput, temperature testing of travellers, social distancing, and zero-touch environments to ensure passenger safety.

Following the success of the recent webinar; How Can Airports Manage Uncertainty, Risk and Safety in a Post Covid World, this paper gives a summary of the event, focusing on:

  • Major talking points
  • Use cases
  • Airport challenges now and in the future
  • Steps to be taken for the global aviation industry to return to pre-Covid levels
How Airports Manage COVID successfully.