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Analytics are Ubiquitous, but Still Under Leveraged

Siemens Analytics
Unprecedented volumes of information and analytics have been thoroughly transforming the manufacturing industry. Data from customers, equipment in the field, logistics, sales, and upstream materials and components augment data from manufacturing processes to create numerous feedback tools that optimize productivity and improve the product lifecycle. However, despite the industry’s widespread recognition of the benefits that digital transformation brings, there is still significant variability among manufacturers on how well these tools are being used. Even with organizations, the amount of process modernization can vary by facility or division.

Frost & Sullivan took a deep dive into the advantages digital transformation can bring to manufacturing via questions like:

  • How are you optimizing analytics in planning, engineering, production, and service in your organization?
  • What are your best practices to drive business decisions from analytics across these areas?
  • How do you measure success in the use of analytics?