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Clinical Advisory Board Dinner

A Clinical Advisory Board Dinner of Leading Bariatric Surgeons

Developing Actionable Strategies for Building a Pipeline of Bariatric Surgical Candidates from Patients on Anti-Obesity Drugs

Charlie Whelan

Charlie Whelan
SVP of Consulting, Americas,
Transformational Health
Frost & Sullivan

Monday, October 23, 2022
5:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST

Ocean Prime Seaport
Cambridge Room – Private Dining
140 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA 02210

We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive dinner and discussion with your peers to gain your perspective in support of our ongoing industry research.

Join us for this Timely Discussion!

Your voice matters! Medtronic is inviting you to be a part of a clinical advisory board dinner to develop strategies for how bariatric surgeons can better convert patients exploring and using weight loss drugs into surgical candidates. The dinner will be held in Boston following Monday’s daytime events at the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress. You will be joined by other leading bariatric surgeons across the country to discuss this topic in detail and develop recommendations for colleagues on the path forward.

The key questions we will be discussing are:

Current Usage Patterns of Pharmaceuticals Among Bariatric Surgery Practices

Segmenting and Profiling the Weight Loss Drug Patient Population

Understanding the Optimal Patient Engagement and Workflow Strategy for Weight Loss Drug Patients in a Busy Surgical Practice

Changes to Payor Policies Covering Drug Therapy and Bariatric Surgery

Developing Educational and Marketing Efforts to Promote the Advantages of Surgery as a Weight Loss Option

Your participation in this clinical advisory board will help Medtronic to better serve the global bariatric surgery community with educational programs, clinical support and technological innovation. Frost & Sullivan will be supporting these board discussions by moderating questions, managing the agenda and reporting out major findings to Medtronic to ensure the most important findings are acted upon. Note that based on your contract with Medtronic you are entitled to a stipend for participation in this advisory board.

Please follow this link to register for this event. After registration, you will also be asked to complete a short survey whose results will be used in the advisory workshop. Thank you for your participation!


What is a Clinical Advisory Board Dinner ?
A Frost & Sullivan Clinical Advisory Board Dinner is an exclusive, unique and highly engaging in-person conversation that brings together a diverse group of industry leaders to discuss their opinions on a certain topic, all while enjoying fantastic food and beverage offerings, of course.
Why should I participate?
  • Share & Learn Best Practices: Engage in strategic conversations with your peers. The open, candid discussions you have will spark creative thinking and help you formulate new ideas for implementation.
  • Increase Your Peer-to-Peer Network: Connect with other senior level leaders in your industry on a more intimate level.
  • Get Access to a Frost & Sullivan Analyst: Engage with our industry experts to gain additional insights and ask them your questions.
Will you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Yes! We understand the importance of dietary restrictions and allergies and want to ensure that all participants feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience.

What is the location of the restaurant?

Ocean Prime Seaport, Cambridge Room – Private Dining, 140 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210

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