Frost & Sullivan

Executive Think Tank Dinner

The Evolving Role of Harvest and Clarification in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


Daniel Ruppar
Director—Healthcare & Life Sciences Advisory Services
Frost & Sullivan

Wednesday, September 25, 2024
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM ET

We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive dinner and discussion with your peers to gain your perspective in support of our ongoing industry research.

Join us for an unforgettable evening and discussion with your biopharma peer group!

Advances in biopharmaceutical production and manufacturing enable companies to address changes occurring in the market including shifts in treatment modalities and regulations, and can impact key outcomes, improving process flexibility, speed, and scalability. The interplay of innovations and developments upstream and downstream related to biopharmaceuticals requires continued focus to balance challenges, harmonizing different practices and steps that enhance efficiency throughout processes. The key questions we will be discussing are:

What are the top processes and technology challenges your organization faces in harvest and clarification?

How is therapy demand increasing expectations impacting the strategy for facility fit over time?

What are some of the technology transfer hurdles that need to be overcome in your harvest and clarification processes?

What bottlenecks exist in harvest and clarification that impact speed to market?

Centrifuge or no centrifuge: How is a scalable process developed and what are the limitations of legacy technologies?

At this invitation only dinner and think tank moderated by Frost & Sullivan’s Daniel Ruppar, Director—Healthcare & Life Sciences Advisory Services, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with your peers to both debate and collaborate on current and forward-thinking viewpoints regarding harvest and clarification in bioprocessing.


What is an Executive Think Tank Dinner?
A Frost & Sullivan Executive Think Tank Dinner is an exclusive, unique and highly engaging in-person conversation that brings together a diverse group of industry leaders to discuss their opinions on a certain topic, all while enjoying fantastic food and beverage offerings, of course. Content from this collective discussion will be featured in an upcoming Frost & Sullivan article, where you have the option to be highlighted as a thought leader. Your insight as a strategic partner is invaluable.
Why should I participate?
  • Share & Learn Best Practices: Engage in strategic conversations with your peers. The open, candid discussions you have will spark creative thinking and help you formulate new ideas for implementation.
  • Increase Your Peer-to-Peer Network: Connect with other senior level leaders in your industry on a more intimate level.
  • Get Access to a Frost & Sullivan Analyst: Engage with our industry experts to gain additional insights and ask them your questions.
  • Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise: The insights, feedback and best practices shared by you will be part of an upcoming Frost & Sullivan article. Through your participation, both you and your company will be positioned as a leader.
Will I have the option to be quoted or not?
Yes, all participants have the option to be quoted or not in the article.
Will I get a copy of the final content once published?
Yes, we would be more than happy to send you a complimentary copy of the article once published.
Will you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

Yes! We understand the importance of dietary restrictions and allergies and want to ensure that all participants feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience.

What is the location of the restaurant?

This Executive Think Tank Dinner will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. The location of the restaurant will be shared with participants upon registration.

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