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Don’t Let Common Cloud Management Challenges Derail Your Digital Transformation

To compete in today’s volatile digital economy, businesses must set aggressive goals such as delivering products and services to market quicker, improving customer service and introducing business agility. They also must do it all in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way.

Organizations must continually create and upgrade services that deliver high functionality and reliability. This requires a modern, hybrid IT environment that integrates numerous infrastructures and services to enable the development of any service the business needs. But, creating the right environment to support your business goals can be a challenge.

This brief will address five common challenges of integrating and managing a hybrid cloud environment:

Challenge 1: Too Many Unintegrated Infrastructures and Tools

Challenge 2: Complexity of Application or Service Portability

Challenge 3: Business Continuity Challenges

Challenge 4: Failing to Consider Total Cost of Ownership

Challenge 5: Insufficient In-House Expertise
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