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2022 – Don’t Look Down! Consequences of the “Why” of Networking

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For the last decade, IT strategies have been converging around a narrow set of ideas built on fairly common technologies. But as the action shifts from inside the devices to things that are more external—customer and application experience—strategies are changing from convergent to divergent. It’s not just that new technologies like cloud, 5G, and AI are taxing legacy infrastructure. It’s that the fundamental challenge has changed from merely connecting things to driving experience. We used to all agree on what to build, but now, there are different perspectives on even what problem to solve.  Put simply, the old way of evaluating good enough isn’t…well, good enough.

Watch Juniper and Frost & Sullivan have a robust discussion centred on:

  • The network strategy decisions of today will reverberate with greater consequences in five years than ever before–how do businesses, and people’s own careers–prepare? How does persistent uncertainty turn into competitive supremacy?
  • Frost & Sullivan research shows 85% of businesses will use cloud by 2022, with three different cloud providers on average. How can businesses optimize user experiences, simplify operations, and safeguard business matters from client to cloud?
  • Are microservices and AI-driven automation plus insights the panacea we seek?
  • Which best practices in 2022 will separate the winners from everyone else in the next three to 10 years?



Roberta Gamble
Partner and Vice President

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Mike Bushong
Vice President Software and Solutions

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