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Tectonic Shifts in the Energy Industry

Changes in Demand, Growing Data drive New Technologies, Capabilities, and Priorities

The energy industry is undergoing the most dynamic evolution in its 150-year history. Cross-industry trends include a large retiring workforce resulting in skillset gaps, IT/OT divide, cyberthreats, mounting environmental regulations, and inability to modernize technology and culture quickly. In response, power and oil & gas companies are moving quickly to integrate more data-driven solutions as they expand their renewable energy portfolios, improve process efficiency, and shore up security.

Tectonic Shifts in the Energy Industry

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  • Why digital transformation is fundamental to adjusting to change and creating success
  • How the energy industry’s digital future will reach across value chains and ecosystems
  • How utilities can thrive with the right partners despite major market disruptions
  • How sustainability measures promote a circular economy of renewables, smart cities, and the private sector

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