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Leveraging Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Security, and App Modernization for Enterprise Innovation

One of the biggest changes in a post-pandemic business environment is the number of organizations that support hybrid work. Employees and workloads are not always located at a corporate facility. To accommodate these changes, IT departments have adopted a variety of infrastructures and platforms on corporate premises and in public clouds, creating the corporate hybrid cloud.

However, such broad and comprehensive enterprise digital transformation introduces new business risks. The to-be-managed enabling technology fabric now extends into the cloud and widens to encompass work-from-anywhere connectivity. IT leaders must balance organizational cloud aspiration with operational realities, a dichotomy that complicates security and management.

Most businesses are also still highly dependent on legacy applications to run their operations. Refactoring or modernizing legacy apps is a challenge that is hindering enterprises’ hybrid/multi-cloud strategy. Organizations largely agree that application modernization – building and deploying business apps in a way that leverages cloud flexibility and functionality – is an essential step in their innovation journeys.

Hybrid Cloud Article
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