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An (Un)Necessary Tradeoff: Fraud Prevention Strategies Should Enhance, Not Compromise, Customer Experience

Surging on-line sales have been a boon for eCommerce retailers, but they also pose risks and challenges. Along with the growth comes a sharp rise in fraudulent activity, driving merchants to create fraud prevention strategies in-house or in collaboration with external partners. Simply mitigating fraud is not enough: vendors need to ensure the experience of valid customers is not marred by well-meaning but poorly executed, fraud prevention tactics. How can merchants gain superior data efficacy, organizational visibility, and optimize their customer experiences?

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  • How good fraud prevention intentions can hurt more than help
  • Why businesses struggle with customer verification
  • What advanced solutions now exist that are smart, can scale, and solve customer validation challenges
  • How partnering with a solution provider such as Ekata is a reliable way to ensure fraud prevention can improve—rather than sacrifice—customer retention

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