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Harnessing the Power of Extended Detection & Response (XDR) to Advance Security and Business Resilience

Resilience XDR is a nascent development in the field of cybersecurity that provides enhanced detection and response, automation, and analytics capabilities. With organizations now collecting more data than they have the capabilities to handle and an increasingly lethal cyber threat landscape, companies need to take a hard look at their security postures and ask themselves if they are well-equipped to deal with emerging threats. Some of the key problems facing companies today include data siloes within the organization, lack of visibility on one’s network environment, and insufficient manpower to respond quickly and effectively to incidents. Can XDR be the answer to these persistent issues?

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  • Emerging cyber security and digital transformation challenges facing enterprises today and tomorrow
  • What is XDR and how is it different?
  • How to simplify complexities and generate actionable insights with XDR
  • XDR’s value to organizations

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