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Leveraging the Gig Economy
to Drive High Value CX

The UnWebinar Series
OnDemand & snackable virtual series (5-7 minute episodes) featuring insights from
Frost & Sullivan and Omni Interactions.

Frost & Sullivan’s research shows that the acceptance of gig workers in the CX industry continues to rise post-pandemic. In this UnWebinar series, Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst, Michael DeSalles, teams up with Christopher Carrington, Board of Directors at Omni Interactions to discuss how companies can use the gig economy to their advantage by:

  • Accessing nationwide talent pools
  • Lowering costs of customer experience operations
  • Improving customer satisfaction

Gig CX and Why It Matters

Gig CX is a new way of thinking about customer service, one that puts the customer first in every interaction. Discover what Gig CX is and why companies are looking to outsource customer support due to recent macroeconomic trends.

Debunking the Myths Around Gig CX

Those who don’t understand the Gig CX model may think the solution is only for short-term or seasonal programs. In this episode, explore the top misconceptions regarding the use of gig workers for year-round, brand-sensitive programs.

Gig CX Best Practices

Uncover Gig CX best practices around sourcing, certification, workforce management, and operationalizing the business model. Our experts will also delve into how the industry is learning to let workers live where they want to, choose their own schedules, and own their own success, which is key to attracting and retaining the best talent to serve customers. Happy Staff = Happy Customers.

How Companies Drive Benefits Through the Gig Model

Uncover how Walgreens, Intuit, CVS, and Thinx are reducing costs, moving to per-transaction pricing, increasing customer satisfaction, and delivering as many as 2,000 certified Gig CX agents for a single program in just three weeks.

Tune in to the topics that interest you most. Always available to view at your leisure!

Featured Thought Leaders
Michael DeSalles

Michael DeSalles
Principal Analyst
Frost & Sullivan

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Christopher Carrington

Christopher Carrington
Board of Directors
Omni Interactions

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