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Healthcare Staff Well-Being is the New Top Priority

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Supporting the ‘care team’ and managing the healthcare workforce can be a challenge for healthcare providers, particularly during times of high stress and peak demand. With staff feeling overworked, stressed, and experiencing burnout, there has never been a greater need for a holistic approach to workforce management, from recruitment and onboarding through retention and succession. Healthcare providers now have a duty of care to not only manage, but support and care for their employees professionally, personally, and psychologically, making employee wellness a core business process.

Hear from a panel of thought leaders about these challenges and what can be done to focus their efforts on improving the ‘care team’ work-life and well-being to improve outcomes and the quality and safety of care provided.



Daniel Ruppar
Research Director

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Coppelia Rose
Global SAP Healthcare & Life Sciences Leader
Enterprise Applications & SaaS Offering

Coppelia Rose has spent almost her entire career working in healthcare-related organisations, including pharmaceutical, general practice, public sector health and non-profit, and remains very passionate about contributing to this sector. Her career has developed through people and operational management, system implementation, and program delivery, and further diversifying into consulting and leadership roles.

Coppelia commenced with DXC Technology two and a half years ago and is now the Global SAP Healthcare and Life Sciences Leader in their Enterprise Applications and SaaS business. The recent global impacts on the health sector gave Coppelia reason to revise the strategic direction of her industry portfolio, and pivot to develop an industry-specific workforce management solution that incorporates mental health support for frontline healthcare workers.

DXC Workforce Suite for Healthcare is a modular offering based on SAP solutions, incorporating user-centric ideation and design thinking, and targets current and emerging business needs. DXC Workforce Suite was released in 2021 and is in the process of being extended to support other industries such as Emergency Services and Life Sciences.




Tiffiny Lipscomb
Vice President, Human Resources

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Lisa Bellini
MD, Senior Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
University of Pennsylvania

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Kaisa Wieneke
HR Director, Employee Well-Being

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