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HIMSS DIAM—Embracing Digital Transformation in Enterprise Imaging

An effective enterprise imaging strategy enables healthcare providers to better embrace digitization and improve patient and provider experiences while reducing costs via centralized data management. Many provider organizations are wondering if they are on the right path for their digital imaging strategy and how to bring the needs of the organization together across various disciplines and departments cohesively. Providers need to develop the right imperatives, roadmap and IT strategy to drive success, given that medical imaging continues to evolve along with the overall healthcare environment.

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Download this complimentary infographic to discover:

  • Why imaging IT must keep pace with healthcare’s digital transformation
  • How strategic goals are impacting digital imaging
  • New organizational roles
  • Where you are and where you should be in digital imaging maturity
  • The importance of enterprise imaging

See how the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) can help healthcare organizations develop and mature an enterprise approach to digital clinical imaging.

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