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Building a Business Case for Insider Threat Management

The Cybersecurity Leader’s Guide to Understanding, Communicating, and Mitigating the Risk

Insider threat management (ITM) is a growing need for enterprises due to the evolution in the way people work and the ongoing digital transformation journey. The growing remote workforce, contractor economy, and cloud-based application stacks have made it more difficult for organizations to manage their security. The exponential volume of data leaving the traditional network perimeter has considerably grown the risk of data theft, especially when organizations ignore their own users when performing risk assessments.

By pairing the right technology with the right processes, all essential business functions can be kept aware of any incident that occurs and can enact rapid investigations and containment protocols. An integrated approach can empower business leaders to take decisive action in the event of suspicious insider activity, limiting damage to customer trust, brand reputation, and valuable data assets.


This complimentary White Paper covers:

  • The causes, catalysts, and casualties of insider threats
  • Demystifying the true impact of insider threat attacks
  • The 3 pillars of insider security: consistency, visibility, and openness
  • The blueprint for enterprise-wide insider threat management (ITM)
  • Modern enterprise must-haves: people-centric protection, visibility, and controls
  • Addressing insider threats with Proofpoint’s information protection platform

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