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Transformation Strategies for Achieving the Environmental and Food Safety Testing Lab of the Future

The impact of the pandemic has opened up many possibilities for food and environmental testing laboratories to automate their processes and workflows using IoT and cloud based platforms. Recent events have also hastened the need for laboratory employees to work remotely and share sample data and analysis virtually to their customers. Analytical instrumentation vendors are using this trend to incorporate more of these automation technologies within their instruments and building awareness around the cost and time savings that the testing labs can transfer to their customers.


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  • Where and how to begin the automation journey to achieve a testing laboratory of the future
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific’s capabilities when it comes to automation of their instruments used in testing laboratories
  • The need for and ROI from automation and changes the Environmental testing labs’ regulatory bodies need to make to rules to be able to adopt new technology
  • How new technologies in the instrumentation used for tests in Food testing labs can enhance and make results more accurate as per the needs of their customers as well as regulatory bodies

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