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Marketing UnMasked 2022:
What to Expect, How to Engage, and Where to Invest

Another Atypically Purposeful UnWebinar from your friends at Frost & Sullivan’s Brand and Demand Solutions


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Marketing UnMasked 2022

Marketing during the pandemic has, in a sense, masked our ability to confidently plan and predict what’s next. Uncertainty has become our new normal, although there’s nothing “new” about it. As virtual and digital are now the world’s dominant channels of choice, it’s harder than ever to connect and engage. The compass for reaching customers has had to be perpetually reset, and many marketers are still feeling lost.

2021 in Hindsight: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Our panelists unmask their greatest lessons learned in hindsight of 2021 and what they would have done differently. You’ll discover how they’re turning those lessons into opportunities for 2022, particularly how they’ve learned to pivot in the face of uncertainty.

What About Events?! A Must-see Debate Tackles the Options to Consider for 2022

You’ll hear powerful words of wisdom from each of our panelists as they’re forced to champion an assigned event category in this lively “debate club” segment. As you listen to theories behind everything from hybrid to “sitting the year out,” their fun and friendly arguments are sure to point you in the right direction for your event strategy in ’22.

Content, ABM, & GDPR/Privacy Best Practices in 2022 – Plus, a Spotlight on Video Content

Panelists zoom-in on the Big Three: in this case, Content, ABM, & Privacy best practices. You’ll learn unique ideas surrounding content delivery (did someone mention “video?”), the significance of ABM strategy, and the ultra-important implications of privacy safeguards. A super insightful conversation you’ll want to hear!

Marketing in 2022 Poll Survey Results

In a lively game of “Squid-pro-quo,” results from our latest marketing poll are uncovered, and panelists are “eliminated” for answering incorrectly! Learn unexpected results about budgeting, ABM, content – and what percentage of marketing executives are investing in People vs. Technology – the answers may shock you!

The “B” Word: Budgeting for 2022 and Why to Invest Where

Panelists do a deep dive into marketing dollars and why they’re choosing to invest in certain areas over others – PLUS their overall top investment strategy for ’22. This is a must-see finale to learn critical investment advice for the upcoming year!


Roberta Gamble Frost & Sullivan
Roberta Gamble
Partner and VP
Frost & Sullivan

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Stacey Fontenot
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Gary Robbins
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