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Marketing UnMasked 2022:
What to Expect, How to Engage, and Where to Invest

Another Atypically Purposeful UnWebinar from your friends at Frost & Sullivan’s Brand and Demand Solutions

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Calendar Icon Wednesday, December 8, 2021 Clock Icon 11AM EST | 4PM GMT Panelists

Marketing UnMasked 2022

Marketing during the pandemic has, in a sense, masked our ability to confidently plan and predict what’s next. Uncertainty has become our new normal, although there’s nothing “new” about it. As virtual and digital are now the world’s dominant channels of choice, it’s harder than ever to connect and engage. The compass for reaching customers has had to be perpetually reset, and many marketers are still feeling lost.

Find your way again: gain critical insights to help you plan for 2022 with confidence by joining Frost & Sullivan and a panel of your peers as we unmask:

  • Breaching the Digital Tidal Wave of Noise
  • In-person Events in 2022: What to Expect and How to Plan
  • 2021 Hindsight: Lessons Learned
  • Best Practices Roundup: Content, ABM, Virtual Events, Privacy/GDPR
  • Budget Breakdown: Why to Invest Where

Marketing UnMasked 2022 will be packed with tactical strategies that will help you pivot in the right direction to identify and engage with your prospects. PLUS – we’ll debunk false marketing ideas in an exciting “Squid-pro-quo” Game where panelists are eliminated for answering incorrectly!

BONUS: A few lucky participants will receive a free gift!


Roberta Gamble Frost & Sullivan
Roberta Gamble
Partner and VP
Frost & Sullivan

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Stacey Fontenot

Stacey Fontenot
Senior Vice President

Gary Robbins, Frost & Sullivanl

Gary Robbins
Senior Partner, Brand & Demand
Frost & Sullivan

Sherri Brouwer

Sherri Brouwer
Senior Director

Shareen J. Harvey

Shareen J. Harvey


Chris Yeich
Senior Director, Integrated Marketing and Content

Sharon Beyerlein

Sharon Beyerlein
Head of Marketing, Americas

Marjorie Daniel,

Marjorie Daniel
Director of Global Integrated Systems Marketing

Sarah Green

Sarah Green
Senior Director of Marketing