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Capturing Key Health Data to Understand Physician Influence in Clinical Outcomes

Medical Affairs experts engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to champion scientific breakthroughs and help these important stakeholders navigate the ever-evolving sea of medical information surrounding the scientific and clinical value of new therapies. Yet, finding clinicians who treat real-world patient populations, diagnose disease, and practice in far-flung care settings is often a challenge. Today, Medical Affairs teams need access to patient-level claims datasets to drive meaningful impact on patient outcomes and extend their influence to new stakeholders.

Medical Affairs

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  • Impact of new influencers with the rising use of social media platforms 
  • The need to extend engagement beyond traditional KOLs 
  • The importance of embracing patient-centric analytics to measure impact
  • Medical Affairs teams solution “must-haves” for a post-pandemic future