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The Digitalization of Armed Forces: Harnessing the Power of Data for a Decision Advantage

The increasing complexity of the operational environment is altering the nature of competition and armed conflict. Militaries around the globe are racing to not only develop new technologies but to be the first to embrace information-enhanced decision-making capabilities that offer advantages across the conflict spectrum. The technical structures and capabilities, along with the flow and timing of data, will progress. Each can work in tandem to provide an information advantage that leads to decision dominance. The question is, will you be able to press the advantage by making the proper investments?

Sustainable Operational Technology Cyber Security Programmes

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  • The Changing Character of Conflict
  • Challenges Militaries Face with Digitalization
  • The Four Necessary Elements That Must Be Maintained
  • Two Market Leaders in the Digitalization of Defense: Intel and VMware
  • What Next Steps Should a Company Engage?

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