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2021 Top Trends: Industrial

The world is facing unrelenting challenges that cause severe uncertainties, volatility, and complexity. Understand how digital transformation can cut operational costs, preserve your bottom line, and sustain performance in the Industrials market.
Sensors Automation

2021 Top Trends: TV Sensors and Automation

The need for micro and nano-based systems is transforming the sensor and automation sector. New technologies lead to innovative disruption and cost-efficient, scalable solutions. Learn how cognitive manufacturing and the increased need for miniaturization, multi-parameter, and wireless sensing elements are driving innovation and opening up opportunities within the sensor and automation sectors.
accelerate growth

How to Accelerate Growth in a Post-COVID World: Strategic Imperative Eight

Why is it becoming increasingly difficult to grow? Often, it’s because leaders don’t understand the growth imperatives strategic to their long-term success. A solid, realistic vision and strategy will enable organizations to set long-term objectives and build a growth pipeline of innovative opportunities, leading to sustained, transformational growth.

Manufacturing & Industrial Research to guide you:

Testing & Measurement

IoT and Hi-speed Communication Powering the Global Electronic Test and Measurement Market, 2020

This analysis covers the impact of COVID-19 on the market and estimates the recovery rate and market forecast through 2025. Discover growth opportunities in autonomous driving, power applications, edge IoT, and data centers.
Industrial Book

Digital Industrial and Energy Guidebook

A comprehensive evaluation of the ecosystem of automation and power system solution providers, shortlisting the top 50 digital best practitioners across the industrial and energy space. Identify key digital trends, growth drivers, and restraints.