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Why COVID-19 is Accelerating Cloud and New Technology Adoption in the O&G Industry

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The oil and gas industry has undergone a tectonic change since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. The demand destruction that ensued from the crisis has forced upstream companies to operate in a radically different environment. As commodity prices track “lower for longer,” the mantra for success has changed from gaining access to new resources and delivering greenfield projects to delivering best-in-class operational performance from existing assets at the lowest cost. Impending energy transition led by a desire for decarbonization is another macro challenge that is likely to expand the industry’s core role as a provider of heat, light, materials, and mobility to society.

The industry needs a transformational strategy to weather this crisis and emerge stronger. The solution lies in technology integration to enable a paradigm of truly integrated asset management.

Article contents include:

  • Tackling the Costs of Technical Debt
  • Increasing Speed of Deployment
  • Automation and Mobility
  • Hybrid Cloud Advantage
  • Embrace the Modern Cloud Architecture: The Future is Now