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Reducing Sample Turnaround Time (TAT) by 80% Leveraging Operational Analytics

Real-world Use Case of New Taipei Municipal Tucheng Hospital

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Discover how New Taipei Municipal Tucheng Hospital achieved an 80% reduction in Sample Turnaround Time (TAT) through operational analytics. With 1,058 beds and a bustling laboratory processing 1,600 tubes daily, CGMH embraced Roche’s cobas® infinity laboratory solution and navify® Analytics. The digital transformation involved a data review, comprehensive TAT assessment, and workflow reengineering. The impact was substantial: a 69% reduction in complete workflow time, 38% in sample transportation time, and an impressive 80% in analytical workflow time. This vBook Single underscores the essential role of digital operational analytics in labs, unlocking data potential for improved results across all levels.


Workflow time reduced by 69%


Sample transportation time cut by 38%


Analytical workflow time decreased by 80%


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