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Recognizing the Personal Security and Peace of Mind Gap Outside of Enterprise Facilities

Enterprise Personal Security

Traditionally, institutional security focused on protecting the facilities and their contents (people, data and assets). There has not been any acceptable solution addressing the personal security of personnel outside of the facilities, on the job, or commuting, thereby creating this personal security and peace of mind gap. Not only is this gap a security risk to employees, but affects the organization itself as it impacts morale, productivity, retention, and the brand.

In order for an enterprise to have a true, robust security framework, it must address this personal security and peace of mind gap even when on the go. An optimal solution would address numerous possible security concerns, include a preventative and reactive capability, and balance personal security with the privacy of the end user.

In this paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The rise of the personal security services market
  • The core criteria for enterprise-wide personal security services
  • Cloud-based Personal Security-as-a-Service for all employees on the go
  • Top-tier service offerings and member support