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The Pharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratory of the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic forced pharmaceutical research laboratories to do more with less even amid the relentless demand for new therapeutic agents. Now, life science researchers and vendors are contemplating how best to guarantee safety and quality as some of these changes become permanent and they continue to accelerate transformational initiatives.

R&D Laboratories of the future will need to be more adoptive and agile by connecting all documentation software and working equipment. The future laboratory will be a better connected laboratory both internally and well as externally with other outside collaborative laboratories. A shrinking workforce will also require a more connected laboratory as well as cross-trained laboratory technicians to improve efficiency.


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  • Why the adoption of new technologies requires full R&D acceptance
  • Why quality of results will always be the primary goal over speed and cost
  • How the ability to run experiments in parallel can speed up the development process and provide better quality results
  • How the integration of data across laboratories worldwide can lead to new therapies in a shorter period of time
  • How planning ahead for outside data transfers allows for early vetting and smoother transitions
  • How Thermo Fisher Scientific’s digital solutions give companies complete control and oversight of their labs by connecting lab automation, data management and digital partners

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