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Virtual Think Tank

Pipeline Driven Marketing

Answering the Call to Deliver Returns


Nigel Dench
Marketing Stratergist
Frost & Sullivan

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
1:00PM – 2:00PM BST

We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive discussion with your peers to gain your perspective in support of our ongoing industry research.

Join us for this Timely Discussion!

The pressure to deliver immediate marketing returns is intensifying. Join a hand-picked group of B2B marketing executives from across industries as we engage around the latest tools, tactics, and hurdles to increase and accelerate marketing returns in this challenging economic climate.

As an output of this thought-provoking and informative session Frost & Sullivan will capture impactful insights and highlights to share with the greater marketing community.

The key questions we will be discussing are:

What tactics are you leveraging to accelerate your marketing driven pipeline?

How do you get your leadership to look beyond the short term?

Should the bulk of your marketing focus on prospects or customers?

How will Artificial Intelligence (ie; Chat GPT) impact pipeline driven marketing?

How do you keep marketing funded in this uncertain economic climate?

During this virtual think tank, Nigel Dench, Marketing Strategist, Brand and Demand, will moderate a conversation with a curated group of marketing executives that will stimulate, invigorate, and initiate new approaches to pipeline driven marketing.


What is a Virtual Think Tank?
A Frost & Sullivan Virtual Think Tank is an exclusive, unique and highly engaging conversation that brings together a diverse group of industry leaders to discuss their opinions on a certain topic. Content from this collective discussion will be featured in an upcoming Frost & Sullivan Quotable where you have the options to be highlighted as a thought leader. Your insight as a strategic partner is invaluable.
Why Should I Participate?
  • Share & Learn Best Practices: Engage in strategic conversations with your peers. The open, candid discussions you have will spark creative thinking and help you formulate new ideas for implementation.
  • Increase Your Peer-to-Peer Network: Connect with other senior level leaders in your industry on a more intimate level.
  • Get Access to a Frost & Sullivan Analyst: Engage with our industry experts to gain additional insights and ask them your questions.
  • Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise: The insights, feedback and best practices shared by you will be part of an upcoming Frost & Sullivan vBook. Through your participation, both you and your company will be positioned as a leader.
Will I Have the Option To Be Quoted or Not?

Yes, all thought leaders have the option to be quoted or not.

Will I Get a Copy of the Quotables When Published?

Yes, we would be more than happy to send you over a complimentary copy of the Quotable once published.

Who Can I Speak With About Any Additional Questions?

Please contact Danielle Floyd at

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