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Recombinant Type XVII Collagen

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Frost & Sullivan and Trautec have conducted extensive investigation across the recombinant type XVII collagen, and co-published Recombinant Type XVII Collagen White Paper, which focuses on recombinant type XVII collagen industry as well as new growth opportunities.

Recombinant Type XVII Collagen White Paper highlights the following:



Definition, function, structure, types, etc.

Type XVII Collagen

Discovery, naming, structure, types, etc.

Recombinant Type XVII Collagen

Advantages, industry standards, design, production, etc.

Recombinant Type XVII Collagen's Biological Functionality

Safety, cell adhesion, anti-wrinkle effect, anti-hair loss effect, etc.

Recombinant Type XVII Collagen’s Applications

Protein replacement therapy, pharmaceutical products, skincare products, shampoo and hair care products, etc.
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Collagen White paper introduction

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