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In Sync with Innovation:
RFID Adoption Trends and the Reshaping of Business

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Featured Thought Leaders
Roberta Gamble

Roberta Gamble
 Partner & Vice President
Frost & Sullivan 

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Marc Bielmann

Marc Bielmann
Senior Vice President of
Identification Technologies

Explore the transformative impact of RFID technology on operational excellence across industries. Uncover current adoption trends and learn how RFID is generating a massive impact, helping businesses efficiently manage production, enhancing safety protocols, and ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

RFID: the Small Tech, Big Impact

Join us in exploring the synergy between IoT devices and RFID technologies, revealing RFID’s profound impact across industries. Learn how RFID drives digitization, streamlines operations, and facilitates automation and sustainability initiatives.

RFID Expansion and Innovation

Learn about the widespread applications of RFID technology across healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and hospitality, showcasing its role in enhancing efficiency, security, and digitization.

The Shaping of Next-Gen RFID

Discover the pivotal role of RFID technology within the context of global megatrends of IoT, automation, traceability, and the global circular economy.

Unleashing RFID’s Potential in the Years to Come

Explore RFID’s evolution from niche to necessity as we uncover how RFID’s adaptability and innovation changed everything from passports to cryogenics, and how it will continue to shape the future of technology.

Tune in to the topics that interest you most. Always available to view at your leisure!

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