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Roberta Gamble

Roberta Gamble
Partner and Vice President
Frost & Sullivan

Discover how smart manufacturing leverages data to create a closed-loop digital twin to provide insights into performance. Industry 4.0 solutions like this can help manufacturers improve efficiency and quality while lowering costs and exceeding customer expectations. 

Join Roberta Gamble, Partner and VP, Frost & Sullivan, for an in-depth discussion on how smart technology empowers manufacturers build modern, resilient, and competitive businesses.

Get Access to Real-Time Data with IT/OT Integration

Manufacturing companies have traditionally kept their technological tools separate. IT and OT systems perform different functions and don’t interact with each other. With successful IT/OT integration, manufacturers can make smarter decisions.

How Smart Manufacturing Solutions Address Gaps in the Workforce

Manufacturers are struggling to attract and retain the talent they need to achieve productivity targets and maintain quality standards. Smart manufacturing solutions make the most of the current workforce while appealing to new potential employees.

Building New Production Lines and Optimizing Existing Lines with the Digital Twin

Complete virtualization of automated assembly processes eliminates unforeseen delays, reduces programming time and improves safety.

Increasing Manufacturing Flexibility and Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

A more flexible manufacturing process adapts when supply chains break down and falter. Find out how smart manufacturing solutions can help manufacturers adapt and continue to meet production goals without slowing down productivity.

Tune in to the topics that interest you most. Always available to view at your leisure!

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