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SPM Solution Providers—“What Their Clients Are Saying About Them!”

The sales function has been greatly affected by the pandemic – pivoting to a largely digital sales environment is just one of many selling challenges today. Equipped with functions from forecasting to integrated quota and territory management, there are many good sales performance management (SPM) solutions available today. When properly integrated with business objectives, SPM solutions can aid enterprises in streamlining and improving sales performance, directly affecting the bottom line. Performing due diligence and working with an industry specialist can help enterprises increase the likelihood of choosing and leveraging the right SPM product for their organization.

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  • How results from a research effort examining SPM technology performed against customer expectations
  • Core and advanced SPM capabilities and effectiveness, including planning tools, advanced reporting capabilities, predictive analytics functions and more
  • A real-world client experience deploying and managing one of the industry’s leading SPM solutions and the lessons learned

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