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AI-Powered Super-Agents will be the Next CX Competitive Differentiator

In today’s hyper-competitive markets with shifting brand loyalty, the combination of customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) helps companies maintain a competitive advantage by creating brand-awareness and maintaining customer loyalty. A new class of agent, the super- agent, has emerged to tackle the most complex issues using technologies that can be integrated throughout the contact center.

Game-changing technologies will fuel a new customer experience

The key to the new CX paradigm is automating tasks and interactions through self-service wherever possible, and reserving human agents for when intuition, emotional intelligence, and the human touch are required to positively impact customer outcomes.

Super Agents Customer Experience

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  • Why most companies consider CX to be a key differentiator, yet fail to act on it
  • How investments in AI-enhanced toolsets can evolve agents to super agents
  • Why delivering an excellent CX requires a strategy that balances super agents, self-service and process automation
  • Insight into next-gen desktops that truly empower agents, enhance quality of service, and impact company performance
  • Why proactive customer care is so important and how to implement it

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