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7 Steps to Improve Virtual Meetings in the New Era of Work

Successful Virtual Collaboration Begins with High Quality Audio

We are all embarking on a new era in virtual meetings. Safety protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, extreme weather episodes and other disruptive events have catalyzed unprecedented changes in how businesses operate and how people work.

This paper assesses the impact of new workplace demands and cloud adoption on audio equipment and services. It considers whether current systems are fit for today’s digital workplace and offers seven steps for achieving flawless audio quality, wherever your meeting participants are located:

Step 1: Prioritize Cloud Conferencing Service Adoption

Step 2: Upgrade Your Meeting Room Technology for the New Era of Work

Step 3: Improve Collaboration with Excellent Audio for All

Step 4: Instill Confidence and Boost Productivity with Seamless Audio

Step 5:Drive Meeting Room Effectiveness with Best-In-Class Audio

Step 6: Adopt an Ecosystem Approach

Step 7: Focus on Ownership, Standardization and Interoperability