Frost & Sullivan

Elevating the Customer Journey in the Retail Industry

Taking Action with Voice of the Customer Analytics

Retail touches every aspect of life and businesses must be able to leverage the wealth of available data to fully understand ever-changing customer needs and remain a step ahead. However, Frost & Sullivan’s research finds that only 20 to 25% of companies are effective at listening to customers. Retailers should have an entire ecosystem in place to collect data, process it, and turn it into actionable insights.

The key to success is discerning which experiences should be directed to each individual so that consumers feel genuinely connected to a brand, resulting in the improved net promoter and customer satisfaction scores needed to achieve the top corporate objective set forth by many retailers in 2021.

Happy or Not
Key Points Covered in this White Paper:

  • The Current Retail Landscape
  • Brand Loyalty in the Digital Age
  • Benefits of Attaining a Holistic View of the Customer
  • Putting the Voice of the Customer into Action
  • Analyst Perspective: The Bigger Picture

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