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Using Data to Drive Workplace Innovation and Sustainability

In the facility management (FM) industry, both sustainability and workplace optimisation have shifted from long-term goals to urgent, short-term priorities. With buildings currently accounting for around 40% of global carbon emissions, the need to improve the environmental performance of our buildings has never been greater. Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) provides building managers with the insights they need to make better decisions, report the performance of their buildings, comply with regulations, utilise space effectively, optimise costs and ultimately boost business productivity.

Download this complimentary white paper to discover:

  • The benefits of integrating building management solutions on a single technology platform
  • Actionable data and tangible solutions to improve the management of buildings
  • How to leverage data to improve efficiency and tackle the sustainability challenges of the future
  • How to use integrated data insights to improve the way we design, build and operate buildings; comply with regulations; report our emissions; eliminate waste; and reduce operating costs and minimise risk

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