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Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) for the Full Chain of Command

Cybersecurity is no longer sufficient. In today’s evolving threat landscape, organizations must embrace cyber resilience. While cybersecurity establishes the policies, processes, people, and technologies to protect an organization from cyberattacks, cyber resilience forces organizations to think from an adversary’s perspective to anticipate and prepare for adverse events continuously.

Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) is a revolutionary solution that combines the capabilities of purple teaming, continuous automated red teaming (CART), breach and attack simulation (BAS), and attack surface management (ASM).

Building roadmaps

Download this complimentary white paper to discover how XSPM:

  • Enables continuous security posture assessment without disrupting production environments
  • Provides relevant insights about security posture to all stakeholders in the organization with different use cases
  • Helps organizations optimize security spending by evaluating the effectiveness of existing security tools

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