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Surgical Navigation Systems: Technology Overview

Technological developments, such as AI, clinical decision support, and wearables, are driving the growth of the surgical navigation systems sector, which is expected to reach $835 million in revenue by 2027, growing twice as fast as other medical device markets.

Leading vendors are partnering with hospitals and ASCs to bundle navigation systems with their products, while low-cost solutions from local vendors in Asia-Pacific countries like China and India are boosting adoption in emerging and underdeveloped regions.

Frost Radar’s Explosive Growth Insight in Life Sciences

Embark on a journey through the thriving realm of Laboratory Information Management Systems for Life Sciences with a sector worth over $1 billion and an exciting 12% to 14% yearly growth forecast.

Uncover the intrigue as competition drives prices down while possibilities soar. Explore Frost Radar’s top 12 leaders shaping advisory excellence and innovation.

Digital Health Megatrends

We get it! Feeling lost amidst maze of competitors? We’re here to guide you through. Our expertise in the needs of healthcare IT end-users, AI, machine learning, and healthcare data analytics is the winning solution you need to stand out and thrive. Let’s navigate success together.

Medical Devices & Imaging Redefined

Empower your team through our growth community. Connect with fellow innovators, vendors, investors and end-users in medical devices and imaging, gaining insights that bring you closer to your buyers. Elevate your coaching game!

Life Sciences Pave the Way for Precision Medicine Breakthroughs

Power growth through next-gen diagnostics. Embrace the value delivered by data insights, ecosystem partners, integrated data sources, and IoT for precision medicine. Transform life sciences and pharmaceutical business models, and navigate patient-centric landscapes seamlessly, improving the customer journey.

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